Podcast live! & Sand prints

Beautiful pathways are carved out in the layer of African river bank sand. These traces of movement reflect the travel experience participants had. We are talking about visitors of the opening of the Flightcatchers art installation at OpenBiotoop in Haren (NL) at 26 May 2019. Over 500 people showed interest and took part in the lectures by Janne, listened to the podcast and played with the art installation with support of Assia.

installation flightcatcher imageA
– flyer –
Janne presents her research
selectie 1
– visitor reveals print in the sand –

This weekend was also the moment for the PODCAST to go LIVE! Yes, the story of the flycatcher and the research that has been done is now on air. After months of recording and editing we are happy to say ‘we have done it’. We created an informative document with sound impressions of the African wildlife and conversations with researchers and locals. Three weeks of field work and years of research compiled into a 30 minutes story.

Listen now, or later on the train/ in bed/ while doing the dishes/ …. & share the link with your friends, family and colleagues.

– visitors listen to podcast –

Could you leave your comments at the Soundcloud page? We would love to hear what is your favorite part, what piece of knowledge is new to you and if you were able to hear the call of the pied flycatcher.

selectie 4
– art installation of project flightcatcher –

The prints that carved the sand were very different. Ranging from the actual bird migratory route to images of flowers and ‘messy random tracks’. “Does this reflect the psychology of participants?” One asked. “I don’t answer that” Assia replied. For it was all about the experience of the act of ‘going’. Some did know where to travel with their ‘token’, others hesitated and moved around in a small area. We are all different, all journeys are different, and it is fascinating to consider what is imprinted by a journey. Or who.

selectie 3
– feedback of visitors –